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What they said about Yvan's Workshops

"I had a lot of teachers in my life and Yvan Genest is, by far, the most interesting one I had.  His patience, incredible knowledge and sense of humour create a unique blend that made me want to explore and go further with my art that I could have thought possible.  A must for anybody who thinks art is more than a hobby."

Monique Crepault

"Be prepared for the torrent of creativity you experience and the confidence to work with acrylics and other mediums to create at a whole new level."

Suzanne Bussard

"I loved the class, it was fun and informative. I was very impressed with Yvan's knowledge of art history, he is also a great teacher and we had lots of laughs! Casa Hacienda is such a beautiful setting and the poolside lunches were excellent! Highly recommended."

Linda Porter

"Everyone in the group had a wonderful time. Even the instructor! The class did remarkable work.  Upon workshop completion everyone in the group vowed to come again which tells the tale!"

Sandra Leonard

"You are a fabulous teacher and your classes are so much fun and informative.  I hope many people who are aspiring artists will take this opportunity to learn the many techniques that you teach.

Carolyn Bussard-Lamb


"I signed on to the acrylic workshop with Yvan having never opened a tube of acrylic.  I feel I have progressed in both the understanding of the possibilities of the medium and courage to paint and display my work. The setting of Casa Mosaica furthered my enjoyment of the week with delicious lunches set poolside.  I would highly recommend."

Brenda McGill

"The Special Effects Workshop was for me an adventure into totally new areas of creative art.  It was a very stimulating, hands-on and a fun learning experience directed by Yvan Genest a highly accomplished professional artist!"

Edwige Pelletier

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