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The Art Capsules Workshops

Improve your creativity while exploring the infinite world of acrylic painting with Yvan's Art Capsules.

This series of workshops is designed to explore and open the doors of your creativity, at your own rhythm and according to your specific needs.


Each capsule is conceived in order to ignite your imagination into new dimensions.

Private or for groups, on demand.

Capsule 1

The Infinite Palette

Understand and use the power of colour combination and interaction, tonality and relativity, to bring your painting to its maximum expression. In addition, explore and discover metallic and iridescent colours and how to incorporate them in your palette.

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Capsule 2

Gels & Mediums

Discover the backbone of acrylic painting. Explore the incredible flexibility of acrylic gels and mediums, while experimenting mixing them with several materials, to create a wide variety of effects and textures.

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Capsule 4

 Impasto & Background

Build strong, consistent backgrounds with tremendous patterns and effects, using gels and modelling pastes, with different painting knifes, brushes and unusual tools.

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Capsule 6

 The Printer Shop

Discover different monotypes, stencil and printing techniques. Design your own patterns, shapes and symbols, that can be use over and over, to improve the dynamism and the rhythm of your creations.

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Capsule 8

 Collage and Mixed Medias

Discover the amazing versatility of acrylic while in combination with different media such as: Wax effects - Graphites - Charcoal - Oil Pastel - Dry Pastel - Chinese Ink - Blocking Fluids - and others mediums. Learn the collage techniques using the powerful Polymer Gels, and how to transfer flowing acrylic films onto the canvas or paper, to create tremendous vivid effects.

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Capsule 11

 The Great Laboratory

Get the power of freedom. Embrace different approaches and attitudes that will give you freedom to create, not imitate. This program of simple, joyful, but very powerful techniques, that we approach mentally and technically, will put you in control of creation and provide you the key to that place that I call The Great Laboratory, the ultimate place inside us where the pure creative mind can play and invent, freely.

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Yvan, during a workshop in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Capsule 3

Glazing & Transparency

Learn to create transparency and deepness on the canvas, using glazing techniques with water, gels, and other mediums.

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Capsule 5

 The Infinite Brush Fabric

Invent your own artistic signature which the creation of your own personal brushes and tools. Learn to fabric some unique patterns that will define your unique artistic expression.

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Capsule 7

 The Accidental Painter

While exploring several technique as: Stamping technique - Stained canvas - Abrasion technique - Dripping - Sgraffito - Spattering - Stumbling, Impasto - Watering effects - and more , learn to drive the subject to another dimension and to use chance and the unexpected to enhance your painting.

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Capsule 9

 Digital Transfer

Discover the world of Digital transfer, where you learn how to transfer photos, or images of your choice onto canvas, paper, or 3D objects. Learn the different approaches to integrate digital with acrylic to obtain a subtle look.

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Capsule 10

 The Essential Playground

 This capsule can surprisingly reduce your costs and strongly improve your creativity, while reducing waste of energy and time!

Learn the basics, but essential and useful techniques to prepare different supports, from paper to canvas. How to ground and stretch the canvas, mount different papers or fabrics on solid board. Understand the importance of the studio set up, from the palette organization to the disposition of all the other tools, the preservation of paint, as well as the interaction between the body and the creative space, for the freedom and comfort of the mind.

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